I'm a mentally ill person raising another mentally ill person. With chickens.

So I am behind again, but I am letting myself off the hook for it and plugging away, because I don’t want to give up. I may not do this challenge perfectly, but I am determined to do it the best that I can.  Getting back on the horse isn’t easy, but it is worth it.

So the decision about back surgery has been made.  It’s happening because it has to.  The nerve root needs to be decompressed sooner rather than later.  I am afraid that it is already too late to prevent at least some permanent damage, and the fact that all the doctor will say is that the numbness is the last thing to go away is not reassuring.  But I keep telling myself, and everyone else, that the one positive thing about having the bottom of your foot be numb is that I can step on a Lego and barely notice. So I guess that’s a perk. I could have had surgery Monday,  but I didn’t get to my physical on time Thursday, which was also the day my phone was broken, and the surgeon’s office set one up for Friday but due to a lack of communication on their end didn’t call the house phone number I’d left them, so I didn’t get to that one either.  Sigh. It was a tough couple of days and I think there’s a few more tough days ahead, but I am on the surgery schedule for the 19th and I have a physical scheduled for the 13th.  They ARE going to try and move that up, because the situation is deteriorating, but I guess we’ll see.  Rural medicine does have its downsides. 

And that brings me to this depressing article from the Washington Post that my father in law posted on Facebook.   We don’t know why it came to this’ is about the increasing number of early deaths of white, lower middle class, women from the Midwest.  We lost my husbands cousin to circumstances similar to the ones described in the article, and I have a friend who I expect will not see 60 for these same  reasons.  I didn’t realize, though, that this was a wide-spread and recognized phenomena. And that is truly a depressing thought.


Comments on: "D is for Determined, Decided, and Depressing" (3)

  1. Interesting read! Why did u stop after the alphabet D? Hope all is good!! Wishing you a good week ahead. Cheers!
    @sneha_sasi from
    Life As a Potpourri

    • I didn’t want to, but the back surgery took more out of me than I thought it would. I was prescribed Percoset for pain after the surgery, a drug I usually avoid, and I went from being in too much pain to get anything done to so hypomanic I couldn’t sit still. Opiates and mood disorders don’t mix well. I think I actually re-herniated my bad disk with all my “energy”. I’m back to normal now I think, and I kind of want to finish the alphabet even though I didn’t do it in the right time frame.

      • am so sorry to hear about that.. !!! Hope u are doing all well now!! 🙂 and yeah i think you should finish all the alphabets but only whenever you are comfortable doing so. We would always be there to motivate u. god bless

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