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New Year and all that S*&#


As 2013 opens I’m trying very hard not to focus on last year’s lack of accomplishments.

Some of the things I DID accomplish:

  • Gained enough weight to be at highest weight EVER, including while pregnant
  • Won disability case so I am what right-wing friends refer to as “free-loader”
  • Spent so much time on Internet that I finally need bifocals
  • Upgraded bra size to 38DD
  • Distanced long-time friends due to my inability to censor liberal leanings on Facebook
  • Watched 125+ episodes of Supernatural on Netflix (still not done????)
  • Upgraded all pants to size 16 or higher
  • Started shopping in plus size section more often than not
  • Ruined Christmas by giving everyone stomach flu

I’ve left out some of the smaller things like going longer than anyone I know without washing my hair, wearing pajama pants for a week straight, going back to bed after taking my kids to school every day, and having every excuse known to man for not answering my phone.

Depending on your definition I suppose I actually accomplished quite a bit in 2012.

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions.  I have some hopes for 2013, but they’re not huge because I’m kind of lazy and I’m kind of afraid of failure.  I hope I can enjoy my children’s company more and complain about their messes and their noise a little less.  I hope I write more, because I think its good for me even though some days it’s like pulling teeth and I don’t really want to.  I hope I socialize more, because it’s also good for me even though sometimes the very idea of spending time with people makes me want to go into hibernation.  I hope I can listen more and gossip less (I know, how does someone who avoids people gossip?).   I hope I can express a few more feelings and eat–or buy– a few less of them.  I hope I can appreciate my health instead of worrying about what might be wrong with me.  I hope I say “thank you” more often.  I hope I call my parents more.  I hope I am less afraid of stupid things like bugs, and the un-dead, and being eaten, and ladders, and failure.

Happy New Year.