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Winter bites


It’s official: we have our first winter storm watch.  Sigh.  I’m not ready. I’m never ready. I’ve lived here since 1996 (which was the worst winter in 100 years) and every year it’s hard to wrap my mind around winter. It’s just so LONG here.  There’s a good chance that the snow we get on Monday will still be here in April, and that’s a bit depressing. So is the fact that we regularly get more inches of snow than I am tall. I’m not ready mentally. I think for the most part we are actually ready physically. We got new siding and windows over the summer so our house is toasty. And my car has a remote start and 4 wheel drive, so I can get around in just about anything. Our snow blower works (I know that a snow blower isn’t a necessary thing everywhere, but it is here). I have a few more things to do in the chickens’ house tomorrow and then I think we’re all ready for a snow storm. I suppose I should go to the grocery store, but I’m going to try to avoid it.  It’s so funny, people hear the words “winter storm” and they flock to the store like they just heard of the coming apocalypse, even though they’ve lived here their whole lives, we live in town,  and they know that worst case scenario they’ll be stuck for 12 hours.  It’s just ingrained in everyone: winter storm = buy bread and milk, just in case. Oh that reminds me, I need coffee, because that is one thing I absolutely couldn’t survive a winter storm without.

My daughter is brushing my hair while I type. It’s not as pleasant as it sounds because my hair is evil and full of snarls. So it will be relaxing for a few seconds and then all of sudden “ouch”.  I’m just going to let her keep doing it though, because at least she’s not doing an “experiment” in my kitchen. She informed me that the whole top of my head is gray hair. I suppose it has been a while since I’ve been to the hairdresser. I normally have blond put in all over to hide the gray (my natural color is sort of brown) but I haven’t had it done in a while because its expensive and honestly, no one sees me. Sadly, my daughter isn’t the only person to imply that I’ve let myself go. I ran into a friend of my husband’s at the grocery store and he commented on my hair and no make-up saying he was “concerned” because I never used to go out like that. And while its true, I didn’t, I don’t know that it was his–or anyone’s–place to comment on it.  I don’t think it’s a huge big deal: If you know you’re going to go home and clean up chicken poop you don’t put a whole lot of effort into your appearance.  I can look nice if I need to, I just don’t think there are that many occasions where I really need to these days.

So before I go shop for snow pants for myself (weird, right?), I wanted to share this:  http://aeon.co/magazine/health/the-shame-of-poor-teeth-in-a-rich-world/?Src=longreads

I came across it the other day and it really spoke to me, because I, like a lot of disabled and retired people, do not have dental insurance. I haven’t for years, so I have “Pennsatucky” teeth too. Not from meth use (although I have been asked about that at the dentist!) or lack of brushing them. Just water without fluoride growing up and a LOT of strep infections and antibiotic use as a child. It’s not something that bothers me a ton, unless one of them hurts, but whenever I’m asked “what would you do if you won the lottery?” my first answer is always: Fix my teeth.