I'm a mentally ill person raising another mentally ill person. With chickens.

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Random musings on birds and parenting

I’m phoning it in today. My brain, like my face and feet, are frozen. It’s the first day the temperature is dropping below zero so I set up the chickens’ panel heater and microwavable warming disc (a very nifty product http://www.amazon.com/Snuggle-Safe-Pet-Microwave-Heating/dp/B00008AJH9# ) and then noticed that the infared heat bulb had gone out. Honestly, the heat bulb makes me nervous and I’d like to not use it, but today is not the day I want to start that. I’m terrified of going out there and finding them frozen to death. I’d feel terrible.
Watching Big Bang Theory with Audrey while writing today. Makes for distracted writing, but is nice after yesterday’s bad mood. I probably shouldn’t let her watch it anymore, as she catches on to the inappropriate stuff more often now, but it’s kind of become our thing along with Project Runway and Dance Moms (also not terribly appropriate) so I just go with it. And I figure making it off limits makes it more appealing.  This way at least if she wants to ask about something she can, and I try to answer as age appropriately as I can. She and I have kind of a funny relationship. She’s my favorite person to spend time with most of the time, but oh my do we butt heads a lot.  We both have ADHD, well I don’t have the hyperactive part, but I probably did at her age. She’s very hard to get up in the morning, and very hard to get focused on things in the evening when her medication has worn off. She’s even messier than I am, she’s like a tiny tornado going through the house. She sometimes has no filter, and can say really rude things, but usually only at home. Teacher’s love her, and people tell us she’s beautiful all the time. I’m alternately crazy proud of her and incredibly frustrated with her, which I suppose is just parenting at the end of the day. Its very different raising an intellectually typical child and a developmentally disabled one. I know lots of people don’t feel like that, and maybe it is different because they’re so far apart. But with my oldest we worked so hard for every milestone, and spent so much time focusing on health issues and school and behavior issues that there wasn’t always as much time to just enjoy spending time with him.  With her the time is just flying by, instead of fighting for every milestone I’m fighting not to miss them. Obviously I love my children equally, but the experience of them has been very different.


It's cold out here!