I'm a mentally ill person raising another mentally ill person. With chickens.


annoyed right this second I don’t really have words. (Ok, I have them, but none of them are appropriate.) I was almost done with Blogging 101 assignment about following other blogs and being neighborly, and I left this page to go get address of one the blogs I follow and came back and no post, no draft, no nothing. I suppose that is why my phone really isn’t great for this, but I HATE my laptop, and my daughter was using her computer.

This new update has me a bit baffled as well, but that’s probably because I’m old. Anyway, so far I’m not finding this “class” to be great for getting my groove back. Mostly it’s making me feel like the kooky non-trad who drives the regular college kids crazy.

Comments on: "Grrrrr" (3)

  1. anything a fellow blogging 101-er could help with?

    • I don’t know, honestly. Usually if I accidentally left the page I would come back and find the post under “drafts” but even when I finally found where the “drafts” link was my original post wasn’t there. I’ll do it over tomorrow on an actual computer instead of my phone, I’m just tired and frustrated. And I had such a nice list 😦

      • Definitely sorry to hear that. But its amazing youre doing all this on your phone! If i tried to do that my head would explode. So dont worry that its an age thing lol

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