I'm a mentally ill person raising another mentally ill person. With chickens.

Kid stuff


Watching my favorite tiny dancer again today. This is from last spring’s recital, which is our most fun and stressful time of year I think. I suppose it’s not worse than the holidays, but all that hair-doing and costume changing does get to be a lot. Still, I love it, I love to watch her. She continues to amaze me with her talent. She’s taking a technique class for the first time this year. I told her she could quit after the first month if she hated it, because it’s all work, not all the games and loud music of most of her other classes, and her attention span wears thin by the end of the day. But she has stuck with it and the teacher is impressed with her. I’m not really the stage mom I sound like, but I am proud 🙂

Tomorrow we go to court to officially become my son’s legal guardians. We’re actually a bit late with it, we should have had it done before he turned 18, but honestly we forgot. But luckily nothing has come up where it’s been an issue. The judge actually said Alex didn’t even have to be there after he saw our paperwork, but our lawyer thought we should bring him anyway. And it does look a bit shady becoming someone’s guardian without them even being there. What if we weren’t his parents? Just some random people taking advantage of him and his SSI benefits. That does happen, and is honestly one of the things that I’m scared of for him. We’re not going to live forever. And I don’t want Audrey to have to care for him when they’re grown, although that may be how things turn out.

Their relationship right now is interesting. She’s just starting to notice that she is ahead of him in some things. And, being nine, she points it out. She likes to inform him how much harder her homework is than his, which makes him mad. I just tell her that his school is different than hers and she should be nicer, but that only works for a while. Or I get “I want to be in his class, it’s easy”. I think she does understand that he is different, but I don’t know how much it interests her at this point. I do know that she is kind to children at her school who are different, so I think her awareness is greater than I think it is.

Sigh. We’re done with dance and off to the grocery store.

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