I'm a mentally ill person raising another mentally ill person. With chickens.

Good stuff

Posting from my phone, should be interesting. But I’m doing one of my favorite things right now: watching my daughter’s dance class. This is the first time I’ve watched her Jazz class in awhile because parents aren’t invited to every session in this class because there’s no observation room and we’re actually IN the gym with kids, which I guess can be distracting. And really, she’s 9, she doesn’t need me to watch every session anymore. She’s a very independent little person, but she likes it when I watch, and I was in the mood for something fun today. We have an hour between classes today and there me be a frozen yogurt break too. I sound like a crazy stage mom, but she really does have some ability. Not like those girls on Dance Moms, this isn’t competitve dance. But she points her feet and she learns choreagraphy quickly and she looks beautiful. I’ve let her take 5 classes this year, more than other kids her age, but she doesn’t do any other sports and she is keeping up with school just fine, so I figure why not? Right now in Jazz they’re learning to do the “Running Man”, which is hilarious and is taking me back to high school. Audrey went as an 80’s pop star for Halloween so it’s extra funny.


Trying to be positive today and focus on stuff that I enjoy. Like Audrey’s dancing, and chickens, and dogs. I have backyard chickens, five hens. I guess they’re technically illegal, but I didn’t know that when I got them. But I didn’t check very carefully either I guess, because I figured since we live in an agricultural community and they sell the baby chicks at two stores in town they must be legal. Luckily I have nice neighbors who like eggs and no one has complained. And I keep things VERY clean, so there’s no smell and very few insects. My neighbors fish guts in his trash cans smell worse than my chicken coop. Keeping chickens has been a bit like having babies: more fun than I thought and more work than I thought. I really didn’t expect to get very attached to them, I actually named two of them Thelma and Louise, because, you know, they die at the end. But we’re heading into winter and I’m figuring out how to winterize my former shed and how to keep my waterers from freezing. I’ve treated them for worms and coccidia and mites. I’ve given one a course of amoxicillin (that I had leftover from a dental infection) and one a dose of Diflucan (also a left over). I’ve explored sections of the feed store that are a bit scary, and called my vets office with questions that make them think I’m crazy (come to think of it, that’s what the feed store guys think too). But I love it, and I love the birds! Who knew they had so much personality! I’ve never really had a hobby before, besides reading, but oh my do I love these birds. Even though I have never looked at so much POOP in my life! Chickens produce an absolutely obscene amount of poop, and like babies, you have to keep an eye on it.
I’m keeping it short today. Alex had a good day at school, I had frozen yogurt, and I even did some laundry. I’m going to do my chores and veg in front of my TV.

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