I'm a mentally ill person raising another mentally ill person. With chickens.

Soooo I was very motivated to write every day for NaBloPoMo, even though I started on the 5th instead of the first.  And I did write most of the weekdays (ok, I slept all day last Thursday) but then the weekend rolled around and I had things to say and I had no computer to say them on.  How frustrating is that?  We are supposed to be a two computer household! We have been a two computer household WAY longer than that has been considered normal.  Everquest launched in 1999 and I would guess we started using two computers shortly after that because I was still a student then, and we couldn’t have homework–or childcare– interfere with a raid so husband upgraded and I got his old computers and that became the way of things.  For awhile this year, thanks to two elderly laptops, we were a four computer household but that didn’t last very long (it was a brief moment of peace, sort of like the Arab Spring).  We have moved many many times over the years, and since ’99 the computer has always been the last thing packed and the first thing unpacked.  And of course we had internet hook-ups BEFORE we moved in.  This is a house where a gaming addict lives.  I have been through numerous emotions regarding this but now I’ve just sort of settled on that being the way of things.

December 14.

Just found the above.  Sigh.

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